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What's the difference between compostable and biodegradable?

There's a lot of confusion these days around sustainability lingo and it is important to be aware of what you are buying.

Biodegradable cling wrap usually means that the product was made from petroleum plastic and an organic additive was blended in. This means it breaks down much quicker when exposed to sunlight and moisture, but sadly it breaks down into microplastics that then flow into our ecosystems and never disappear.   

Compostable cling wrap can be made from many things such as corn starch or potato waste. If it is certified (like Great Wrap) then it must break down in a compost pile in under 180 days and leave behind zero toxins - which we love.

So, what is Great Wrap made from?

Great Wrap is made from potato waste and a mix of other compostable biopolymers - and it’s certified compostable.

Our old formula that was also certified home and garden compostable was made from PLA + PBAT. PLA usually requires intensive agriculture, we want to offer products that solve problems, not create them.

Is it microwave safe?

Great Wrap is microwave safe at a low heat for short periods of time. Our wrap will melt at medium or high heat, so keep your eye on it.


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What if it doesn't end up in a compost pile?

If Great Wrap ends up in landfill it will break down eventually, but it’ll take around 1 - 3 years. If Great Wrap sits on your shelf, it’ll last about 2 years.

We obviously recommend composting our wrap as it’s the best result for the environment and for repurposing (e.g. in your garden or by your local council).

What compost certifications do you have?

We are certified Home Compostable AS 5810 and certified Compostable AS 4736. That means Great Wrap has undergone a stringent test regime carried out by recognised independent accredited laboratories to the Australian standard.

How long does it take for Great Wrap to break down in my home compost?

Our cling wrap is certified and it will break down in your home compost in under 180 days! 

Is Great Wrap worm safe?

Absolutely, they love it! Our wrap breaks down into carbon + water so it is safe for all compost types.

How do I recycle my Great Wrap box?

Once you’ve finished your roll of Great Wrap, you can place the box and the inner roll into the recycling bin or in your compost!


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Where can I buy Great Wrap?

You can purchase our wrap directly through our website - which you're currently on!

How much is shipping within Australia?

We charge a $5.00 flat rate for shipping Australia-wide for our For Home Compostable Cling Wrap. Shipping rates for our Catering Wrap & Pallet Wrap are based on the item's weight. 

Do you ship internationally?

At this stage we don’t, we only ship nationally around Australia. However we have big plans in 2022 to launch overseas! Reach out to to learn more

Do you offer a wholesale option on your Home Compostable Cling Wrap?

We're working on it at the moment! Please get in touch with our Business Development Manager Lachy for info -


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What’s next for Great Wrap?

Pallet Wrap and international expansion! If you’re interested please send through your details to or place a Pallet Wrap pre-order through our website today


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