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Meaningful dining with Club Sup

Meaningful dining with Club Sup

Just a couple of times a month, a group of strangers are invited to bring "an open mind and an empty stomach" and gather in an intimate space to enjoy good food, drink delicious wine, and foster connections at a dinner party pop-up called Club Sup.

In the spirit of connectedness, conscious cooking and reigniting a love for savouring life's simple pleasures, we sat down with Club Sup's founder Sophie McIntyre to get to know her and her story a little better.

Great Wrap: Hey, Sophie! Can you explain what Club Sup is and how it all came about? 

Sophie: “The Club is a supper club that works to connect people in Melbourne and Sydney over dinner. I loved the sense of community that came about during the 2020 lockdowns and wanted to find a way to keep it going. So I thought it would be good to host suppers so people could find some new friendships after the pandemic had uprooted so much of our lives and relationships. We started with 12 guests a month. Now we do 40 guests a month in Melbourne and 15 guests a month in Sydney!”

Great Wrap: What has it been like to connect strangers and start conversations?

Sophie: “It has been amazing and something that I am so excited about all the time. The club is something that started as a hobby, so I never thought we would be connecting almost 500 people across both Sydney and Melbourne in the last two years. We have had people become great friends and even lovers! It is just so amazing, and I love it so much.”

Great Wrap: Wow, these nights sound really special, and what a bonus that they have resulted in romantic connections too! Can you tell us about your relationship with food and cooking?

Sophie: “My mum taught me to cook from a really young age as a way to occupy us and keep us busy. I kept going on my own all the way into my early 20s, using it as a creative outlet and a secret weapon as knowing how to cook well and effectively felt like a superpower in my uni days. Now it is very much used as a way to bring my friends and family together. I love cooking up yummy things and sitting around my dining table talking forever.”

Great Wrap: That is a rare superpower for a uni student to possess! So what is your absolute favourite recipe?

Sophie: “My salmon en croûte! It looks and feels so extra pulling this out when everyone comes over for dinner. It is a recipe that is so easy to make, is perfect for any skill level, and it is so cosy and fresh you could make it all year round.”

Great Wrap: This salmon looks so good! Is there an ingredient that you could not live without?

Sophie: “It is so basic, but it is salt. I am that annoying person who will season things just by looking at them. All too often, things are under-seasoned with something as simple as salt, even sweet things. The smallest pinch of Maldon on a choc tart or in a tiramisu will unlock all of its flavour.”

Great Wrap: That’s a great cooking hack! How do you ensure minimal waste when you hold a Club Sup dinner?

Sophie: “We have linen napkins that are reusable, and all our meals are made to be just the perfect amount for sharing so that we can try to prevent food waste. Nothing worse than when you go out to eat, and the meals are so large you can only get through three-quarters of each meal.”

For more information and to sign up for the next dinner party, head to the Club Sup website.
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