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Flux Lab and Foile on supporting local

Flux Lab and Foile on supporting local

We caught up with Ayla Shepherd, Director of Flux Lab, a female-founded independent R&D cosmetic laboratory, to hear about her business on the Mornington Peninsula and their experience with our new Compostable Hand Pallet Wrap. 

While we were there, we learned that Ayla and the team manufactures one of our favourite Australian skin care ranges, Foile. So, we thought we’d have a chat with Foile’s Co-founder, Su Tuttle, to understand what local manufacturing with Flux Lab means to her team. 

Great Wrap: Ayla, can you tell us a bit about Flux Lab and why you started the business?

Flux Lab: Flux Lab is a product development laboratory and manufacturing facility for the beauty and personal care industry. After working in product development and manufacturing for several years, for various companies, I understood the pain points experienced in the industry. Flux Lab provides founders with direct access to a cosmetic chemist to develop innovative and exclusive formulations, as well as a manufacturer with low MOQs to get new ideas off the ground. Personally, my favourite part was working with founders and turning a great idea into a physical commercial product — now I get to do that every day! 

Great Wrap: We love that you’re making this accessible for small businesses! What are some of the products you create at the lab?

Flux Lab: We create a range of formulation types from skincare, bodycare, haircare, intimate care, personal care, sunscreen and dental products. We work with incredible brands who have lots of integrity and are always looking at ways to reduce their environmental impact, whether that's ensuring all formulations are palm-free or offering refill options. 

Great Wrap: Amazing to see that beauty brands are looking into their environmental footprint. For Flux Lab, what was the reason behind the shift from traditional pallet wrap to Great Wrap?

Flux Lab: At Flux Lab, we are always moving towards the goal of doing better every day. We have big dreams of how manufacturing will look one day (ie. another reason why we offer low MOQs, so there is no deadstock) but in business, there is always a lag time on where you begin and where you plan to go. The brands we manufacture are doing their best to reduce excess waste (and are often also plastic-free!) for the end consumer - if we deliver their stock wrapped in plastic, it doesn't make much sense. Switching from traditional wrap to Great Wrap was a way for us to move in the right direction. 

Great Wrap: We love that. How have you and the team found working with our pallet wrap so far?

Flux Lab: Our experience with the Great Wrap’s Compostable Hand Pallet Wrap has been comparable to traditional pallet wrap. It has been a simple transition. 

Great Wrap: That’s what we like to hear! And what are the main qualities you need in a pallet wrap?

Flux Lab: There are a number of things we expect from our pallet wrap and Great Wrap ticks those boxes including — ease of use, hand-held dispenser compatibility, simple online ordering and discounts for large order volumes.  

Great Wrap: Su, we love Foile, all that you do and that you opt for more sustainable practices through your business. Does that filter into your supply chain too?

Foile: As a brand we are very aware of our environmental impact and committed to workshopping and researching ways in which we can reduce our impact or have a more transparent supply chain. Where possible we utilise compostable materials, FSC certified paper and recyclable papers for secondary packaging. We also offer a returns program where you can return your empty pouches and bottles so they can be re-integrated back into our supply chain. Where possible, we work directly with local farms to source ingredients, minimising our freight footprint and supporting our domestic agricultural market. This currently includes our Hemp Face Oil and Jojoba Face Oil.

Great Wrap: It's so great to see that you manufacture locally with Flux Lab. What made you manufacture your products in Australia, and in particular with Flux Lab? 

Foile: Partnering with a local manufacturer was always our intention and Flux felt like the perfect partnership. Manufacturing in Melbourne allows us to have a better understanding and more visibility on where our products are made, while also minimising our freight miles. It takes us time to develop and formulate our products so having a good relationship with our chemist is integral to the growth of our business. 

Great Wrap: What prompted you to start your packaging loop & returns program? and how has it been received by your customers?

Foile: Our vision was to create a more circular model within the beauty industry. We designed our bottles for longevity and the refill pouches have been an integral piece of the puzzle to ensure our consumers can support this model. Our returns program allows our customers to close the loop, minimising their footprint and ours. We are definitely still learning and discovering ways to encourage our community to return the pouches. We have also recently set up a returns program for our retailers and this has been well received. 

Visit Flux Lab and Foile to learn more about what they do. 

If you’ve been thinking about transitioning away from traditional pallet wrap in your supply chain and would like more information about Great Wrap, click here.
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