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How to use Great Wrap

How to use Great Wrap

Using Compostable Pallet Wrap in your supply chain is a significant way to reduce your business's plastic waste and carbon footprint. 

Pallet wrap is the connector of businesses and is a critical part of the global supply chain. Every day, millions of pallets are wrapped to transport goods to their eventual consumer. However, few facilities are capable of recycling traditional pallet wrap.

We've finally launched our Compostable Pallet Wrap range — including Hand Pallet Wrap and Machine Pallet Wrap, so now your business can work towards a supply chain without traditional stretch wrap in it. 

Great Wrap has a higher bulk density than traditional stretch wrap, resulting in a very strong and durable product. Because of this, we recommend down gauging the thickness of your Great Wrap. If you usually use a 17µm, we'd generally recommend our 14µm. Our team can assist you with the wrap thicknesses.

How to use Compostable Hand Pallet Wrap

  1. Once your pallet is stacked, grab your Compostable Pallet Wrap and tie it to a corner on the pallet base
  2. Begin hand wrapping the bottom of your pallet by walking around the pallet — do this step a few times to ensure your load is stable
  3. Gradually work your way up and around your pallet load. Make sure there is some resistance, but try not to over-stretch the wrap
  4. Tear your wrap once you've finished, and tuck or tie the top corner
    For hand-wrapping, we recommend using hand savers or a handheld dispenser. They help stop the edge of the wrap catching and make the work much easier on your hands.


    How to use Compostable Machine Pallet Wrap

    1. Ensure your Compostable Machine Pallet Wrap is correctly loaded onto the core holder of your machine and configure the settings to your requirements
    2. Once your pallet is stacked, take it to the machine and place it on the turntable 
    3. Pull some wrap away from the roll and attach it to your load or pallet
    4. Start the machine wrapping process following the manufacturer's instructions and relevant safety protocols
    5. If your machine does not automatically cut the wrap off the roll on completion, cut the end of the wrap and tuck or tie it into the wrapped pallet
    The steps for Machine Pallet Wrap use may vary depending on the machine you have — we recommend a pre-stretch up to a 250% for optimal stretch and stick. However, it is important to know there is a correct way to load the wrap onto an automatic wrapping machine because there is a cling and slip layer. The outside layer (slip) must always be wrapped on the outside of your pallet. 

    If you have any questions for us, fill in the enquiry form here to speak with our sales team.

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